LBS Basic Build Steps


This is the basic build of the LBS as covered in Parts I and II of the Let's Build Something Project. Part I builds a basic Direct Conversion Reeceiver and Part II turns Part I into a functional 40M SSB Transceiver. The Part I build ues the AD9850 DDS for the Local Oscillator Source. In Part II we shifted to the Si5351 PLL Clock Generator to provide the LO and BFO Signals. The successful builder will start with Part I and have that working before proceeding to Part II. Most problem feedback we have received has been that the builder simply went to building the transceiver without having a Part I working receiver. Virtually all of Part I ends up in Part II. Follow the process!


1. Read Part I
2. Re-Read Part I
3. Link to Build Detail
4. Go Back and Read Part I
5. Collect all of the Parts
6. Start from the Back End
7. LBS Part I Code (AD9850)

8. Read Part II

9. Re Read Part II
10. Link to Build Detail
11. Re-Read Part II
12. LBS Part II Code and Code (Si5351)