JABOM ~ A 5 Watt, 17M/20M QRP SSB Transceiver

The above is a project appearing in the 2011 Fall Issue of QRP Quarterly.

Below is information on parts lists and detailed schematics for the project .


Parts List 1
Parts List by Module
Parts List 2 Parts List by Supplier
Figure 1 Overall view of the completed Transceiver
Figure 2 Block Diagram
Figure 3 JABOM -- Just A Bunch Of Modules
Figure 4 BFO/CIO Module
Figure 5 BFO/CIO Schematic
Figure 6 Audio Amplifier Schematic
Figure 7 Photo of the Audio Amplifier
Figure 8 Schematic of the Hybrid Cascode IF Amp, Product Detector & S Meter
Figure 9 Top Side of the HyBrid Cascode IF Amplifier
Figure 10 Bottom Side of the Hybrid Cascode IF Amplifier
Figure 11 Post Mixer Amplifier, 6 dB Pad, Crystal Filter and Tx RF Amp
Figure 12 Schematic Post Mixer Amp, Pad , Filter and Tx RF Amp
Figure 13 Schematic of the 23.0 MHz VXO
Figure 14 Photo of the Completed VXO
Figure 15 Schematic of Receiver/Transmit Mixer and Band Pass Filters
Figure 16 Photo of the Rx/Tx Mixer and Band Pass Filter
Figure 17 Schematic TR Solid State Power Switch & Linear Amp Switch
Figure 18 Photo of the Power Switching Module
Figure 19 Photo of a Typical Breadboard Set Up (not the JABOM)
Figure 20 Schematic of the Balanced Modulator, Mic Amp and Tune Feature
Figure 21 Photo of the Balanced Modulator, Mic Amp and Tune Function
Figure 22 Schematic of Low Level RF Driver Stage
Figure 23 Schematic of the Final RF Amplifier Stage
Figure 24 Photo of the RF Amplifier Module
Figure 25 Schematic of the Low Pass Filter Module
Figure 26 Photo of the Rear of the Transceiver
Figure 27 Plan View of the Transceiver
Figure 28 Modification to the Hycas for the Input Network
Figure 29 Modification to the Hycas for the Time Constant & Switching
Figure 30 Modifications for the S Meter Connection
Figure 31 Modification to the Hycas for the Product Detector
Appendix I RF Probe and Test Oscillator
K5BCQ Freq Gen Modifications to accept an Optical Encoder
JABOM Listen to the JABOM on 20 Meters