The Conversion/Upgrade and Restoration of the HW-101


As many of my projects begin, I was taking a tour through eBay and spotted an HW-101 for sale that looked like it was in relatively good shape and the price was not off the chart. The impetus for that purchase was a you tube tour where I saw someone who had modified an SB-101 with a digital dial that was internal to the radio. I had seen some digital dials that were fitted to the HW-101 but I did not see one where it was internal to the radio.

So I placed a bid and ended up the lucky bidder. Well when the HW-101 arrived it was not NIB nor pristine; but it had the makings of a good radio to start with for the project. After a few calculations I determined that a digital dial kit from AADE would indeed fit in the radio. So that unit was ordered.

During the time the radio was being shipped to me I blind ordered a whole series of replacement parts as stock and I also found some Internet references to parts changes to improve performance and fix known problems. My first step was to replace most of the capacitors in the radio. Keep in mind most of the components in the HW-101 are about 45 years old, so probably a really good idea --replace them all.