This project initially started out as a receiver that would have somewhat better preformance than a simple regenerative receiver. Did we meet that goal? The answer is a resounding Yes, when considering having an RF amp stage, a narrow selective filter, a highly stable tuning system and of course lots of sensitivity. Lest I forget no hand capacitance effects plus the bonus of being a small size. So there is no fuzz here --it is orders of magnitude better!

Now we add in that a transmitter stage was incorporated as well as a switching system and the foot print is the same only slightly thicker in height. Add in a 6 watt output, smooth keying, stable frequency and good signal reports up to several thousand miles away and the answer is yes it has Outstanding performance.

So far seven states and Canada have been worked in casual operating and the bext DX (on 40M) has been 2500 miles. After a two week period of non operating while I was on vacation, my first contact was Idaho, a new state. My first DX country was Canada.

The most significant performance measure will be over a period of time on how many stations are contacted and the signal reports received. Anectodal comments from various contacts so far have consistently indicated a nice sounding signal.

What started as a receiver project has ended up a small sized feature packed transceiver. I am a happy camper.

Pete, N6QW ~ 11/20/2009