PIC Controlled Time Delay Relays  
These are handy substitues for the old Ameprite Time Delay Relays. Their genesis was a result of being unable to find the old Amperite Units.
  Source Code  
  3 Second Delay PIC16F84   asm 3 Sec 16F84  
  3 Minute Delay PIC16F84     .asm 3 Min 16F84  
  3 Second Delay PIC 12F675     .asm 3 Sec 12F675  
  3 Minute Delay PIC 12F675     .asm 3 Min 12F675  
When I was building the linear amplifiers I could not find a source for the Amperite Time Delay Relays. The 3CX series tubes require a 3 minute delay before application of High Voltage. The 3CX1500A7 has a further enhancement where there is a 3 second delay built into a step start circuit on the filament circuit. Thus out of necessity I designed and wrote the code for a time delay relay using the PIC Micro-Controllers as a basis for the timing. The code is written for both the PIC16F84 as well as the PIC12F675.