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W7ZOI SSB/CW Transceiver Version 2. Power out 30 Watts. SSB/CW with EI9GQ Stabilizer. Cascaded FET IF Amplifier

K1BQT Transceiver

I gave this radio to a friend KB9JLO. The original article can be seen here.

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Belthorn II. USB/LSB on 20 Meters SSB. Power out is 10 Watts. Features USB and LSB select and the EI9GQ Stabilizer. This was my first attempt at a 6 pole HB filter and the IF is at 8.0 Mhz. There was a thought of a possible two band radio to include 17 Meters. The 8.0Mhz IF was an attempt to avoid the problem with a 9.0 MHz IF on 17 Meters.
W1VT 40 Meter CW Transceiver. A direct lift from the QRP Power Article. Manhattan style construction lends itself to a solid and very stable rig. An eBay grab bag of knobs netted the National Velevet Vernier drive for the old time look.